Pokemon Uranium Forced to Close to the presence of Google Duo

pokemin go

Other popular articles was still about Pokemon Uranium, which describes the making which took nine years. In addition, articles about the presence of video call applications Google Duo in Indonesia also searched readers.

1. Downloaded 1.5 Million Times, Pokemon Uranium Forced to Close

As previously communicated, lovers of Pokemon series to join in JV, Twitch and The Uranium Team dedicated their lives to make the games Pokemon Uranium.

Shown as artificial games ‘indie’ and has nothing to do with Nintendo, Pokemon Uranium forced to close after a team of lawyers representing Nintendo of America filed a formal letter of request to remove the link to download Pokemon Uranium.

2. Pokemon Uranium, Fruit Development Results For 9 Years

n the current popularity of Pokemon Go reach out far and wide throughout the world, not surprisingly, there is a fan dedicates itself to create a project of games (game) associated with passion.

Take the example of Pokemon Uranium. Developed by JV, Twitch and the Uranium Team, these games featuring new area named Tandor. Pokemon development Uranium take up to nine years.

3. Video Call Google Apps Authorized Duo

The video call application can be enjoyed on iOS and Android devices. For those of you who are less familiar with the Duo, this application offers video call feature lightweight and stable, it can even be done cross-OS (iOS and Android). Based on data from Google YouGov survey in July 2016, 19% of netizens aged 18 years and over in Indonesia likes to make video calls from their smartphones every day.

Beware, Dinner In a hurry Make Weight Up


As it turned out, the sooner we eat, the more calories that enter the body. Do not believe?

Based on research conducted by the University of Rhode Island found that there is a link between the effect of speed eating with food ingestion. In the study, participants who ate in a hurry before the finished chewing or swallowing, spent 3.1 ounces of food per minute. While the participants who ate slowly, ie swallow after meals pulverized, spent two ounces of food per minute.

Meanwhile, another study found that women who eat in a hurry, will spend 646 calories in nine minutes. While women who eat slowly, spend 579 calories in 29 minutes.

This is because when we eat slowly, digestion can work better, so that the weight under control. Conversely, if we eat in a hurry, digestive work harder, so that the food no longer tastes good but becomes stressful. Though ideal body needs time is 20 minutes.

“In addition to working with more natural digestion, by eating slowly will make us tend to drink more water than eating in a hurry,” he said.

Because drinking water while eating can control the number of meals we eat and buffer helps provide satiety effects that make us do not need to add. “The composition between eating and drinking the right, resulting in a win-win solution, ie, enjoy the food and feel full without worrying overloaded,” he said.

6 Equipment Required Backpacker


Vacation with backpacker’s way of giving the sensation experience not to be found when traveling using travel services. Yes, with this surf style holiday sense of adventure will be so thick felt.

How not, all of the process towards destinations such as transportation (train tickets online, airline tickets, bus, etc.), interaction with the local people, and bring supplies all done completely alone. Of course, the necessary calculations done before you actually decided to start the “adventure”.

The most important part of course take into luggage that will be your friend during the trip. You have to be really observant sort out items that should be taken to be efficient in the way.

Digital cameras to capture the moment adventure

Besides useful evoke memories after the trip, a photograph is also the “evidence” if you actually travel. Not only were the photos with good quality also beautified social media posts. Select camdig which have features dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof to avoid the risk of malfunctions in any condition.

Make sure footwear powerful and convenient trip

Strong legs is not enough if it is not supported comfortable footwear. Yes, it is so important to remember the foot will go far enough for the trip. Do not hesitate to spend money to get shoes that can create a comfortable and durable in all terrain.

In order to not confused about the plugs be sure to always carry a universal adapter

Portable electronic device would require electrical power to make sure they continue to function. Actually POWERBANK with large capacity could be a solution, that would need an estimate of how long it can last. Availability of universal adapters will be very helpful when meeting with various socket at the destination, especially when traveling abroad.

Be┬ásafe from pickpockets’s good money belt wear

Money belt is not a small bag in front of the belly strapped to his waist, but the shape is really like a belt so that a pickpocket will not be realized if there is money stored there. Not smart?

Bring a laptop with light weights

Who the hell is this time that can not be separated by the name of gadgets like laptops. Yes, for those who like to write can be directly poured experience adventure backpacker’s blog or social media such as typing comfortably. By bringing a laptop, memory card or smartphone camdig full of images can be directly transferred to a laptop so more freely jeprat kepret back.

Choose a backpack / rucksack according to the needs of travel

After taking into account all the luggage of course most importantly choose a backpack or duffel bag that fit the capacity and needs during the trip. Do not just select, adjust the size of the body and that the default number. If the trip is a one-day backpack with a size of 30 liters was enough. Another case when you quite a lot of luggage, backpack or even a 50-70 liter-sized carrier shall be selected.

Tips to Keep Romance When Planning a Wedding

wedding day

Differences of opinion while planning a wedding party sometimes reduce your romantic bond with a partner. As a result, small fights can not be addressed in the way down the aisle. Coupled with marriage preparation schedule so crowded and bustle bride, making them difficult to meet. Leave it to a professional wedding planner. Take some time and watch the romantic period in order to keep the relationship interesting as the first meeting.

1. Body Language
Do not be bored to express love through body language, just holding her hand, or hug intimate when a wave of troubled couples will always be the best conditioning is needed. Open communication link with the always show a sense of concern, and do not forget to always ask your partner’s opinion and argues that with an explanation on an option so that your spouse always feel appreciated.

2. Free Time

Set aside one day each month, to the wedding date as a time to give each other free of appreciation in pair. Dinner at home with a full menu of cooked together, or creating art together like painting or making ceramics in the studio, an option that can make your romantic relationship is always exciting and never boring. In this day is also a good idea if you agree not to discuss matters concerning the wedding preparations, a short time to be more qualified and can be used to take a break from feeling stressed before the wedding.

3. Keep Humorous

Keep the habit of joking with friends that the relationship remains relaxed and free of tension. Humor can be a powerful way to keep the romance. Without a sense of humor, relationships will tend to become rigid even susceptible to the emotions overwhelming. You and your partner should also not leave the habit of seducing each other and praising although relations have undergone a long time. Seduction favored catapult the pair will create an atmosphere far from feeling awkward.